Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Ups and Downs of This Week and a Thank You To All Of You!

This last week has had it's Ups and Downs!!

-My kids are officially on Summer vacation! - UP AND DOWN

- I have been working a lot! - UP

- I spent the weekend with my Mom and was able to make up for Mother's Day! - UP

-Stress has been decreased a lot! - UP

- It's been raining a lot so the pains in my legs are horrible! - Down

-The fatigue seems to be going away! - UP

- Actually not able to sleep much at all and don't know why??? - UP and DOWN

-This one is kind of weird but not having incontinence problems but instead can't stop Peeing! Full Bladders full every 5 minutes. Mostly in the afternoon! Down

- I haven't taken any time to go fishing in over a week as planned but that's because of the pains in my legs. DOWN DOWN DOWN

- I colored my hair to cover some gray's that I found and it was supposed to turn out dark brown and instead lightened and reddened my hair. I think somone played with the boxes at Walmart!!! - Down - not the color I wanted!! - UP - a lot of compliments

- Accomplished another cane and shipped out. 2 more left to go. - UP AND DOWN

So at the moment this is all that comes to mind. As you can see there have been many UPS AND DOWNS this last week!

A HUGE Surprise!!! So many people have taken the polls. There is still 1 day left to vote for those who haven't!! Thank You Again. Getting ready for the next poll.

Have a Wonderful day Everyone!!!


Rae said...

Overall you had more ups. Good for you!!

Stuff could always be worse said...

Love the way you list the ups and downs of life. That seems to be life.
Great post.


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