Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Possible MS... What does this mean???

You go to the Doctor with some weird sensation or symptom and the Doctor says "Lets Run Some Tests and See What is Going On"??? A few days later the Doctor calls and says we need to run some tests possibly an MRI or blood work or better yet we want to do an Spinal Fluid test. Then the Doctor says "I think you may have MS but we need to run some more tests". First of all the Doctor doesn't give a lot of information because they don't want to scare you with what it is and what this disease might do to you because of course if you don't have it then what a waste of fear or time on their part. The doctor lets you leave thinking the absolute worst or maybe you start rethinking your symptoms and maybe they really aren't that bad. Or better yet you really start regretting even telling your Doctor.
Either way, you can't take it back and you can't ignore what the Doctor just said. So within a few hours you will probably find yourself online looking up what MS is and talking to people about it and they get shocked and scared which in return doesn't help you at all either. As the days pass your symptoms keep coming and either are staying the same and persistent or maybe even getting worse. Unless you are one of the few lucky ones who get a diagnosis right away. Most people sit for months or even years waiting to find out if they have Multiple Sclerosis or not.
During this entire time you keep having symptoms and aren't getting any answers. These symptoms can be mild or very major and debilitating. Your mind is praying everyday that the Doctors will give you the answer and be able to "FIX" you. One day the Doctor calls and says he would like you to come in and talk about all the tests they have done. You go in and he tells you that most of the tests are inconclusive but he believes you have "POSSIBLE MS" And that he now wants you to go to a Specialist who will look over all your results and symptoms. The Waiting game again.....
Now you are heading to the Specialist who has had time to look over all your results and does a 10 minute exam and says "Yep... You Have MS. Again basically just telling you this horrible news and then says your Neurologist will be calling you in a few weeks to talk to you about the shots you will have to take and possibly different or more medications.
You walk out of there with all sorts of crazy feelings:
1. Relief - you finally have an answer
2. Anger - that it took so long to get an answer and a Specialist in 10 minutes can give you the answer.
3. Disbelief - That this is the correct diagnosis
4. Denial - This can't be happening or "Why ME"
5. Scared - of your future and what this means for you and your family?????
6. What the hell did he mean about shots I will have to take and give myself????

Like I said some people can get an answer right away but but for most of us this is a very good description of what the diagnosis of MS is like for most people.

In the next few blogs. I will talk about:
- The initial feelings I call it the grieving process
- Some of the symptoms
- Tips and Tricks I have found to have helped with some symptoms
- Acceptance and moving on
- Getting Back on your feet
- Getting organized
and much much more........

I feel that what I went through and what I have learned over 3.5 years would have been helpful to me if I would have been given some help and direction. So that is what I plan to do. Along with keeping a journal of "Living Day to Day with MS" And I will give you a glimpse.... There will be good days, bad days, and worse days.... But one piece of advice I can give you now is to Treasure your Good Days.

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mark ray said...

im not really to sure when this was poasted. but it was very helpfull. i relate on alot and wish i had the wrods to explain



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